Part 10: Across the Seas

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At an inn the party waits
Pondering their upcoming fates
"The Gallows" is the boats name
It sits in dock looking rather lame

Portheim is a lovely place
Whenelda gets up to third base
At the baths in the town
While Nigel has a happy rub down

Lioniel leaves to look for rumours
Tzara thinks “I’ll find some consumers!”
She pulls out her signed painting
to sell while he is entertaining.

Averson searches for her contacts,
They get back to her with crazy facts!
“What? I thought they were all dead?”
Not according to what he just said.

Tzara takes the opportunity to learn
how much from Lioniel’s fame she can earn.
“Signed Cabbages Poster here!” she cries
"Five silver pieces for this prize!"

Up the gangplank the party strides.
“Hurry! Before we miss the tides!”
The captian shuffles them on real quick.
“Soon you’re all gonna be real sick!”

After weeks at sea they spot the shore.
Excited, the sailors yell out a roar!
“Moskend!” screams one of the crew,
Averson lets fly a quiet spew.

As they dock Alvin says for them to head
to the Camel and Palm to seek out a bed.
“Nadim is the man you need to see!”
Mara doesn’t automatically agree.

“Do you even trust this Nadim?
Or is this recommendation a whim?”
Alvin assures them he is fine
and he’ll party like its 1699.

The Camel and Palms looks a quiet place,
and a great place to setup their base.
Mara explains they are expected
and asks if to Nadim they can be directed.

Nadim it seems is as crafty as a robber
Lioniel tries to negotiate with this dodger.
Eventually Tzara tries a different tack,
“We’ll just give you the lot when we get back!”

Nigel senses a disturbance in the force!
Could it be coming from that horse?
He heads outside and bumbles for a bit
But his search turns out to be inadequate.

Nigel returns and feels it again
Could it just be in his brain?
It’s Tzara that seems to be emitting!
Whatever is his magic transmitting?

Tzara and Nigel both go and throwdown!
It looks to be a giant showdown!
But then Tzara says "You’ll have to trust me"
Nigel crumbles like a recent amputee.

Lioniel tells them all about a party
“Shrug off this farce and lets all party hearty!”
Off to the town square they all go
To dance, consume drink and tabacco.

A great night is had with a lot of ale
because they all wake up the next morning in jail.
They are marched out to the desert sand
“Get out of our city you disgusting band!”

They stride all day on camels they are provided
to head to catch some criminals its decided.
Slowly night falls in the desert dunes.
Slowly rising the red and blue moons.

The party stops to make camp upon some sand.
A huge ziggurat sits out in the wasteland.
Around the party a fog begins to rise,
Its coldness making them gasp in surprise!

A smokey figure of a king appears!
Making them think they had too many beers...
"Pharaoh Mano-Re is my name.
It is my pyramid that I wish you to reclaim.
Mighty warriors please plunder my tomb.”
Is our party heading to their doom?