Captives of Bassamel Fight Back

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Fell and Titus are restrained with their hands tied behind their backs. They are led through the streets of Chilatore to Irondirk winery on the outskirts of the town. Locked in a cold store of the winery, Fell and Titus rest in the dark.

Arrius, following close behind, trails the warrior, soldiers and their captives to the winery. He skirts around the boundary of the compound looking for a way to enter the building without raising an alarm. Arrius manages to find a back door to the winery. He enters. Before long, after searching through the barrel room, Arrius locates a cold room and finds the captives. He releases Fell and Titus. Arrius leads the companions out of the building and into the stone fenced yard. Arrius notices a farmer move around behind a hay shed and decides to catch the farmer by surprise before he has a chance to raise an alarm. Arrius fails and is seen by the farmer. Titus intervenes and confronts the farmer. The farmer yields and they tie the farmer up in the hay shed.

The companions move toward the edge of the winery wall, using its shadow to remain hidden. They peer through the windows, trying to locate the assassin and their former captors. They identify the helmed warrior, Bassamel and soldiers. The companions organise themselves. Fell decides to enter the winery from the back entrance near to where Arrius entered the building to release them. Arrius decides to launch himself through a window as a surprise attack. Titus moves to the main entrance. Arrius prepares to attack. Fell returns to the back entrance of the winery.

Arrius hurls himself through the open window, thrusting his sword into Bassamel. Titus charges through the front door, spots Roima Seermul, and engages the sorcerer. Fell manifests the power of Amagartum and shifts into his wolf form. He silently steps through the back entrance of the building.

Using a similar spell as that cast in the attack at Clavisero, Roima struggles to control the power of lightning emmanating from her out-thrust palms. She misses in striking the strongarm of the tri-furs. Titus enters into striking rage of the sorcerer. Melees continue across the room and the axe of Bassamel smashes the thief Arrius to the ground. He lies lifeless on the floor. The wolf, as Fell, attacks Bassamel but Bassamel avoids serious injury swinging his axe into the wolf. The wolf bounces accross the floor, slamming into the wall and falling to the ground in a heap. Pikemen come to the aid of Roima and drive their polearms into the paladin. The injuries are severe but Titus regains his composure and strikes back hard into the attackers. No match for the battle hardened witchhunter, the pikemen are dispatched. With only one companion left standing, the warrior swings his great axe but Titus deflects the blow. Bassamel, badly wounded from the earlier stab in the back, struggles against the paladin. Titus takes the advantage and drives the last breath from the imposing warrior.

Stablising Fell and Arrius, Titus releases the captive farmer and questions the farmer as to the rebellion in Chilatore. The farmer reveals widespread anger at the punitive tally placed on the town by the nobles of Chilatore and the Governing Council of Claviscero. Having all recovered, the companions decide to continue their search for the mastermind behind the assassination attempt on Kuurok Day. As they cross the River Chomb again they return to the farm house on the other side of the bridge. Questioning the woman of the farm-house, the companions once again are told about the discontent in the town at the unfairness of the increases in taxes and the exemption in taxes afforded the nobles. Arrius searches for his daggers around the bridge where the ambush took place the day before. None are found.