Bad Case of Harpies

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Twenty years ago, the realm of Eliphor was plunged into civil war when its regent, Grand Duke Piotr, lay claim to the throne after the direct heirs had died under questionable circumstances. After the Duke was exonerated of all charges, he gained the support of the barons of the realm and was proclaimed Emperor Piotr I. In choosing Gamron, another distant member of the royal family, as the next Grand Duke, Piotr began to fill the power vacuum, and began consolidating power by beginning with increasing the military strength at the borders.

This is the version of history in common memory.

What most people care to remember of the recent past, before the Civil War, is that the last 2 centuries have been a silver age of peace. The only event of note was the Quest against the Dragon, an episode of about five years that occurred roughly ten years prior to the Civil War.

During this time, Piotr and Gamron, experienced and capable commanders within the Imperial Elite Legions, led a force of over fifty of the best Legionnaires to hunt and kill the vicious red dragon that ravaged the Empire. Piotr, Gamron, and a small number returned, but they accomplished their goal. Having received a royal dispensation to retire as heroes, they went their separate ways.


Magic is accessible to those with the talent of the training for wield it. Among the common folk of all races, magic is known to be a tool in the hands of its many users. Magic also has many secrets, beckoning to those who would seek them. Though the various users may have their views on magic, the energies that pervade the world take many forms. This is evidenced by the various classes that are able to harness these energies.

Various gods of magic exist, each laying claim to various aspects of magic.


The human deities are formally Greco-Roman. Though, outside of the Capitol, religion is a more personal matter and many personal deities flourish to fill the needs of person, family, and clan.

Standard non-human deities are available since the other races have been able to work with the humans.

All modes of worship persist, from individual temples reserved to a single god, to groves where many gods are worshiped together.


The Capitol is in a temperate climate. Since your characters are Imperials, you can pick from Savannah, temperate, dense forest, or mediterranean. The empire has some alpine regions at its very borders.


Characters of all walks of life call this world, and the Empire of Eliphor, home. Many more wander through, having many adventures within.

Character History

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