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The historical accounts of men in the two kingdoms date back for three mellenia to the days of the Mestiza Republic. With few historical accounts of the Mestiza period scribes and scholars have sketched together only the faintest of details of the period. At the time of its fall, it is speculated that a conspiracy between the Consul Elects split the Republic in two. One source suggests that the Republic crumbled because of a feud between two Consuls who were siblings. Another scholar argues that the Men of the Consulate plotted to end the election of the other races to it which back fired horribly.

Of the final days speculation surrounds the name Balzana and she was human or elf. In one bardic tale, Balzana was an elven leader who returned to the capital after a series of successful campaigns against barbarians on the southern borders. Her popularity though extended well beyond the elven kingdoms to include many men and this saw her elected to the Consulate. She found support though in the political arena from her uncle Kinnoch. Between them, the pair grew powerful in the Consulate with Kinnoch maneouvoring within the Consular arena and Balzana ensuring that the Republican army was on side. But Balzana grew tired of her uncle's measured statemenship and sought to rule of the Consulate as the Principal Elect of the Republic. Before long, Balzana had convinced her fellow consuls to crown her the Principal Consul of the Republic. Kinnoch was furious and when he heard that Balzana was to crowned her sole ruler of the Republic on the last night of Tuharo he pleaded with her to stop this madness for her quest for power will destroy the Republic. Balzana comes around and tells Kinnoch that upon the midwinter consular meeting she will dissassociate herself with the new office of Principal Elect. But Balzana goes against her uncle's advice and seizes power. Kinnoch storms out of the meeting. But Kinnoch's passion for the Republic only grows stronger. He confronted his neice but Balzana's anger overcame her and she murdered him. Her dark deed would haunt her reign in the decades that followed. The Republic died with Kinnoch and under the Dark Queen her subjects knew only civil war.